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Oleg S. Popel

Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Oleg S. Popel


Name: Oleg Sergeevitch POPEL

Date and place of birth:June, 22, 1948, Stavropol Region of theUSSR


Education: graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI), 1965-1971, Postgraduate Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 1971-1974

Degrees: Ph.D. (Candidate of Technical Sciences) - Institute for High Temperatures (IVTAN),Moscow, 1988,

Doctor of technical sciences - Institute for High Temperatures (IVTAN),Moscow, 2007

Professional Employment:

1971 - 1974 - Postgraduate Moscow Power Engineering Institute,

1971 - up to now - researcher, senior researcher, head of research team and from 1985 - head of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation Laboratory, IVTAN,

Current Position: Head of Laboratory of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation, Institute of High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences

Professional experience:

1969-1974 - Mathematical simulation of processes in explosion MHD-generators and shock-tubes resulted in development and creation of new impulse energy sources for special applications

1974-1976 - Mathematical modeling of processes occurring in laser initiated fusion resulted in pre-design and pre-feasibility study of future fusion reactors.

1974-1976 - Feasibility study of metal hydrides heat pumps, heat storage and hydrogen compression resulted in initiation of R,D&D works in IVTAN in field of hydrogen energetics.

1977-1995 - Mathematical simulation, theoretical and experimental studies, design works in the field of solar energy utilization: space heating, hot water preparation, solar collectors testing, short-term and seasonal heat storage, performance, hydrodynamics and stability problems in solar ponds, resulted in design and construction of the IVTAN test field station «Sun» on Caspian sea shore (Dagestan Republic) equipped with different test and demonstration solar facilities and unique experimental installations (one lamp 70 kW(e) solar simulator and 25 kW Solar Furnace), creation of several «solar» houses in Armenia, Giorgia, Ukraina, etc.

1995-2000 - Solar thermal power plants, binary geothermal power plants, space heating, hot water supply and air conditioning systems based on heat pumps utilization mathematical simulation, feasibility studies, design works, resulted in development of advanced mathematical models of mentioned systems as well as in accompanying of design works directed on Verkhne Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power Plant construction (Kamchatka, Far East) and several demonstration objects equipped with geothermal heat pumps creation in Moscow and Moscow region (cottages, School buildings, Hotel building, etc).

2000-till now

- energy audit of different industrial and municipal buildings and enterprises, resulted in development and implementation of different energy efficient technical solutions in frame of Moscow Government Program «Moscow - energy efficient city»,

- realization of energy efficient demonstration project (state contract financed by Russian Ministry of science and technology) at Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located at mountain area of Northern Caucasia (South of Russia) resulted in solar water heaters, solar and heat pump space heating installations development and implementation, application of wind and micro-hydro power as well as CHP installations justification,

- R&D works directed on creation of experimental autonomous energy installation based on RES (PV, wind, etc.) utilization as primary energy source and hydrogen as energy storage (project funded by “Norilski Nickel” company starting from 2004),

- solar assisted adsorption cooler based on new adsorbent materials development (INTAS project)



Experience of International collaboration:

1979, 1981 - consultant ofSolar Energy Center,Cuba, Habana, Santiago-de-Cuba.

1981, 1983 - joint research work in Institute ofEnergy,Mexico,Cuernavaca(solar ponds)

1989, 1992 - invited lector on Renewables in Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER),South Korea,

1995-2001 - scientific collaboration in frame of the IEA SolarPACES Program with DLR (Germany), Sandia National Laboratories (SNL, USA), CIEMAT-PSA (Spain), Weizman Institute (Israel),

1998 - energy audit courses in frame of Russian-Danish Institute of energy efficiency,Denmark.

1998-2000 - EC INCO-COPERNICUS Program, co-supervisor of the Project «SOLAC» in cooperation with FORTUM (Finland) and UPONOR (Sweden); participant of the TASIS project on energy conservation in buildings in cooperation with French and German companies

2001-2003 – scientific collaboration with Ulster University (GB) in field of solar energy utilization

2003-till now - participation in the EC FP6 “ECOSTAR” project (in cooperation with DLR,CIEMAT,WIS, etc.), INTAS project Nr. 03-51-6260 (solar cooler, in cooperation with CNR-ITAE (Italy), RWTH-Aachen (Germany))


Membership in Scientific institutions:

- Vice Chairman of the Scientific Council for New and Renewable Sources of Energy,RussianAcademyof Sciences.

- Member of Expert Committee of Russian Ministry of Science and Technology on Non-traditional Energy Sources and Energy Conservation,

- Expert ofMoscowOffice the John D. And Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation,

- Member of editorial board of a number local scientific journals and bulletins


Research Publications:  Totally more than 150 papers and 20 patents.