Альтернативная энергетика и экология (ISJAEE)

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T. Nejat Veziroglu

T. Nejat Veziroglu

Curriculum Vitae                                            




Place and Date of Birth:                   Istanbul,Turkey

                                                           January 24, 1924


Marital Status:                                               Married in 1961

                                                           Son Born in 1962

                                                           Daughter Born in 1964

                                                           Widowed in 1998

                                                           Remarried in 2006

                                                           Daughter Born in 2007


Home Address, Telephone & Fax:   600 Biltmore Way, Suite 1210

                                                          Coral Gables,Florida33134,U.S.A.

                                                           (305)  442-4540



Office Address, Telephone & Fax:   Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


                                                          Coral Gables,Florida33124,U.S.A.

                                                           (305) 284-4666

(305) 284-2580





Institutional Education:                                             Degrees and Dates Conferred:


The City andGuildsCollege,                                               A.C.G.I., Mechanical Engineering, 1946


University of London,England                                 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, 1946

TheImperialCollegeof Science,                             D.I.C., Advanced Studies,London, 1947

      Engineering & Technology                                           

TheUniversityofLondon                                         Ph.D. - Heat Transfer, 1951


            Number of Years Service on this Faculty:    44 years

            Date of Original Appointment:                     1962 - Associate Professor

            Date of Advancement in Rank:                     1966 - Full Professor


Non-Institutional Training:


The ImperialCollegeofScienceand Technology,London- Relaxation Methods,         Summer School - 1948.

Electric Power Research Institute,Ankara,Turkey, Nuclear Engineering, Summer School            - 1956.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Cambridge, Two-Phase Flow, Summer School -       1964.

UniversityofCalifornia,Los Angeles, Nuclear Rocket Propulsion, Summer School -       1966.






UniversityofMiami,Coral Gables, FL., Associate Professor, 1962-1966.

UniversityofMiami,Coral Gables, FL., Director, Graduate Studies, 1965-1971.

UniversityofMiami,Coral Gables, FL., Professor, Mechanical Engr., 1966-Present.

Middle EastTechnicalUniversity,Ankara,Turkey, Visiting Professor, Fall of 1969-70;         Summers 1970-71-73-74.

UniversityofMiami,Coral Gables, FL., Chairman, Mech. Engr., June 1971 - September       1975.

UniversityofMiami,Coral Gables, FL., Associate Dean, Research, 1975-79.

Clean Energy Research Institute,Coral Gables, FL., Director, 1974-Present.




Ruston-Bucyrus, Ltd.,Lincoln,England, Summer 1943.

Alfred Herbert, Ltd.,Coventry,England, Summer 1945.

Ordinance Inventions Examiner, Turkish Government, 1952-53.

Office of Soil Products,Ankara, Engineer & Scientific Advisor, 1954-56.

Engineering Consultant,Istanbul, 1957-58.

  1. M.  K. Veziroglu Construction Co.,Istanbul,Turkey, Technical Director, 1959-61.

United National Industrial Development Organization – International Centre for Hydrogen Energy

   Technologies (UNIDO-ICHET) Founding Director, 2004-2007.




Technical Review Board, Energy Planning Service Division of Petroconsultants -       Consultant.

Society of Heat Science & Technique - Member.

Consultant Registry, Academy for Educational Development.

Consultant for Heat Transfer Engineering; National Science Foundation;UniversityofMissouri, A.S.M.E. Journal of Heat Transfer; International Journal of Heat Transfer.

Conference Management, W. P. Johnson & Associates - Consultant.

Consultant for United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Consultant, Referee Directory for ResearchSupport System,KuwaitUniversity.

Consultant, Dirasat Hundasia Journal, UnitedArabEmiratesUniversity.

States in which Registered: Turkey